“What I like about ‘Understanding The Atonement’ is that it’s
Biblical; it’s readable; it’s easy to follow; it’s logical; it’s understandable;
it’s practical; and it makes sense…”
~ Richard Morgan (Ontario, Canada)




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"I found “Understanding the Atonement” to be the

clearest and simplest contemporary exposition of the doctrine

that I have read, as well as an excellent expose’ of the incorrect

theories that have troubled the Brotherhood since the 1870s.

I recommend it to anyone who genuinely desires

to see through the mists of language and thought that

have clouded this most wonderful of all themes

 in Scripture for far too long.
~ Jim Cowie (Queensland, Australia)


“‘Understanding the Atonement’ is a concise and Biblical
treatment of the subject. It helps the reader understand the
language used in atonement discussions as well as the extremes
teachings that have come about over the years. This
makes it beneficial both as a onetime read or for use as a reference.”
~ David King (Virginia, USA)


“It is refreshing to hear the gospel articulated clearly, and yet
with sufficient scriptural and historical detail, as it relates to
this so very important subject…”
~ Ted Hodge Jnr. (Ontario, Canada)

“I found ‘Understanding The Atonement’ an excellent study
of the subject. It was very plain and clear, well laid out and
brought out points that many will not know. I would that all
Christadelphians would have the opportunity to read it.”
~ Robert J. Lloyd (California, USA)


“I have read five works on this crucial subject in the last couple
of months. I feel especially privileged to have had this
opportunity to read, and re-read, this considerable contribution
to ‘Understanding the Atonement’.”
~ Richard Purkis (Bournemouth, UK)

“An excellent uncompromising crystallization of God's righteousness
as exemplified in His eternal principles of the
atonement or reconciliation through the work of the Lord
Jesus Christ. A wonderful read for young and old by way of
reinforcement, clarification and explanation.”
~ Ron and Debbie McPhee (Virginia, USA)

“‘Understanding the Atonement’ is a very thorough work,
which avoids most of the clichés and makes for easy reading
for those who really want to get a grasp of the subject. It is
well researched and very fair. Scripture is made the court of
appeal and that is how it should be. It will be a useful addition
to our literature ”
~ Des Manser (South Australia)